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in 3 hours time for a 1-year period at a special price ranging from €300, which is valid till the end of the month!
Irina Kartunova's Atelier de Beauté
Permanent Makeup in Luxembourg
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We offer perfect eyebrows, eyelids or lips by means of
any permanent makeup technique
You won't need any makeup for as long as a year!
Permanent makeup makes it possible to stop spending half of the morning on creating eyeliner or putting your lipstick on. Besides, there is no need to remove your makeup, which is another time saver. You will always look flawless when doing sports or being at the beach.
The result lasts out for 1.5 to 2 years after the procedure. One correction visit will be necessary.
Well-made permanent makeup looks natural and emphasizes your natural beauty. Your eyebrows will look fuller, your lips - more voluminous and your eyes - brighter.
Price 350 €
The most complex technique in the permanent makeup field.

This permanent makeup can be easily mistaken for natural eyebrows - due to the hair-stroke application, they look bright, vivid and, at the same time, natural. Even in the case of a general lack of natural hairs, it is possible to make a perfect pigment match and to draw the eyebrows that will perfectly suit your look and emphasize your facial features, distracting attention from any flaws. Equipment-based hair-stroke techniques allow for precise drawing of every hair, which will follow the growth direction and colour of your natural brows
Hair-stroke (hyperrealism) Technique
The shade does not change and the natural texturized eyebrow effect is preserved for 1.5 years and more.
ATTENTION! The hair-stroke technique should not be mistaken for microblading.
Our studio neither does nor will ever provide any microblading service since it damages and scars your skin.
Treatment by this technique leaves plenty of tiny dots on your skin. They can be hardly discerned even on closer inspection. As a result your eyebrows look softer and more natural, there are no sharp outlines that could be seen when your eyebrows are pencil-drawn. Ombre can be used to make your eyebrows look more abundant.

This technique is suitable for girls and ladies who want to highlight or correct their eyebrow shapes.
Powder Brows
The formula for this technique is hairs + shadow. Sharp drawing of fine lines and soft filling by pigment with shadow, giving a thick effect.
Combined (mixed) technique
Price 250€
Filling the space between the eyelashes
Permanent eyelid makeup allows to save time spent on the long everyday makeup routine. Your eyes are the first thing that draws the attention of the person you are talking to. This is the reason why a high-quality makeup is so important for every woman. It enhances the expressiveness of her eyes, makes her attractive any time of the day and no matter what the weather. A classic eyeliner or an eyeliner with shadow shading will underline and enhance your natural eye shape, and a lashline filling will make your lashes look thicker and more intensive in colour, which is perfect for those with thin lashes and with a lack of natural colour. Advanced technology and pigments minimize any side effects caused by the procedure.
Price 350€
Classic eyeliner
Price 350€
Shaded eyeliner
Price 250 - 350€
Aquarelle lips
This procedure is for those who need lip shape correction, a lip plumping or a redefinition of a blurred lip outline. As such permanent makeup allows to improve any natural flaws.

This high-quality permanent makeup treatment gives you beautiful, juicy lips, correct and symmetrical in shape.
Lipstick effect
Price 350€
Would you like to catch envious glances of girls and curious ones of men?

To show your bare-faced look to the best advantage? To be continuously confident of your flawless appearance?
But a nasty little voice keeps whispering to your ear:

"What are you actually talking about? It may turn out only worse! It's not the right time, maybe some time later…"

Apply permanent makeup
Do not do permanent makeup
Why will you definitely
like the result?
  • You will be able to see for yourself what it will look like before the procedure (no surprise here!)
  • The shape, color and technique are according to your preferences and chosen to fit the shape of your face and your color type.
  • We can deal with your previous permanent makeup if another specialist's work requires corrections (leave your contact details to learn more)
Meet me
Irina Kartunova
Atelier de Beauté founder & permanent makeup specialist
Hello! I am an internationally certified specialist for permanent makeup and founder of the studio Atelier de Beauté.

Atelier de Beauté is a permanent makeup and piercing studio in the center of Luxembourg, in the Strassen district, a stone's throw away from Mamer and Bertrange, with free reserved parking spaces for customers at the rear of the building.

The result, comfort and safety of our clients are very important to us.

In our working process, we use only natural materials with hypoallergenic pigments of high quality and harmless to health. We use certified equipment under sterile conditions.

Permanent makeup is a delicate and painstaking work, which consists in injecting with a special needle pigments of individually selected colors into the upper layers of the skin, taking into account the characteristics of each client.

We strive to satisfy the most demanding tastes, to make the eyes more expressive, the lips more sensual, and to give the eyebrows a beautiful shape, emphasizing the natural beauty of the face.

I treat my clients as my friends. You will get high-quality permanent makeup, service and pleasant company.
Irina Kartunova
Piercing at Atelier de Beauté
A piercer is not just a person holding a needle in his hands. Hе is a trained craftsman who knows several piercing techniques, who has worked with different jewelry and manufacturers and who understands how everything works.

Critical thinking and a sober mind will enable the piercer to work safely and efficiently.

Love for people and for a job well done are the most important prerequisite skills for working as a piercer, and I do have these.

In the studio Atelier de Beauté, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our high quality and beautiful jewelry. We will be glad to welcome you in our studio!!!
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What are some other services you may receive from us?
Price €150
Permanent Freckle Makeup
Freckles are not only a trend, but they will make you look young and playful.
Freckles will add charm and stay with you for 1.5 to 2 years completely disappearing afterwards.
Before any procedure, we make sure to agree with you upon the result based on a draft.
Price from €95
PM / Tattoos Removal
There are two ways to remove low-quality permanent makeup or tattoos today, by laser and by remover.

We can do the treatment using both techniques, depending on the situation. We can discuss everything on the free consultation and choose the best method for you.

Price €20-100
Lashes & Brows Lamination
Lengthening and thickening of your natural eyelashes using special products give your lashes a delicate curl. The procedure includes dyeing and strengthening with products that contain keratin and vitamin-enriched oil. Treatment of your eyebrows thicken and fix them in a desired position. The shade obtained after dyeing is preserved for a longer period.
Price €110
Carbon Peel
The carbon lpeel is really effective to treat acne, to eliminate oil, debris, and bacteria in the pores. It can prevent new breakouts from occurring.
The effect lasts 1,5 months.

The treatment takes 1 hour.
The effect is preserved for 1.5 months.

The treatment takes 1-1.5 hours.
Price from 50 €
Healing process 6 weeks

The duration of the procedure is 1 hour.
Scars, vitiligo, stretch marks camouflage with help of new permanent makeup techniques.

Also it's possible to camouflage dark circles darkness under the eyes disappear!
Scars etc €100 / hour
Dark circles €300
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