Scalp micropigmentation
Get a natural-looking hairline and scalp in 3 sessions for a 5 year period with a special discount, which is valid till the end of the month!
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Scalp micropigmentation in Luxembourg
Scalp micropigmentation
What is SMP
— a magical solution for hair loss, thinning hair, and receding hairlines.
SMP involves the application of tiny pigment deposits onto the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. It's a non-invasive treatment and typically performed over several sessions, spaced apart to allow for healing and adjustments.

SMP is primarily used to address baldness, thinning hair, and to create the illusion of denser hair where it's lacking. It's suitable for both men and women and can be applied to various types and stages of hair loss.

SMP creates a natural-looking hairline and scalp. The pigment is carefully matched to the client's natural hair color. The SMP technique creates very tiny dots, the most realistic pattern possible, the effect of shaved hair or thickening like real hair.
Skin preparation
During the consultation we discuss your wishes, discuss the plan of procedures, decide how exactly we will work with your request. After that, we start preparing the skin for the treatment.
Sketch drawing
In order to create a perfect result we first need to create a sketch of how your SMP will look after.
Filling the area with a pattern
The main part is scalp micropigmentation itself. During this time the client can take a nap or listen to an audiobook. It can take 3-5 hours.
Care recommendations
After I demonstrate you the result and photo "AFTER", I give you care recommendations and we discuss the time for appointment for the next treatment.
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Irina Kartunova
Atelier de Beauté founder, SMP & permanent makeup specialist
My name is Irina Kartunova, I am Atelier de Beauté founder & internationally certified permanent makeup specialist with more than 10 years experience. I was born in the south of Russia in Voronezh, the city of the best architectural and art universities in the country.

Since 2013 I started working in the beauty industry and by 2024 I have more than 10000 PERMAMENT MAKEUP WORKS DONE!

Having studied in the most famous school of permanent makeup Julia Romanovich and having passed many competitions and conferences, I became a top master of permanent makeup!

My love for my work motivates me and gives me the strength to constantly improve my skills, and at one point I started working with people with allopecia.
Having studied everything about the SMP method and the works of all the masters of the world, I went for training to a real expert in the field of SMP, professional, champion of the international competition in Dubai Elena Kruglova.

I can do the most natural, imitating natural hair SMP technique and will help you to solve the problem of allopecia in both women and men.

My studio is located in the center of Luxembourg, in the Strassen district, with free reserved parking spaces for customers at the rear of the building.
I treat my clients as my friends. You will get high-quality Scalp Micropigmentation, service and pleasant company.
Irina Kartunova
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